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Liberty Under Fire

Dr. Harold W. Pease

Fighting for freedom and liberty!

Thank God We Have the Electoral College

In the 2016 presidential race Trump’s projected win is 306 electoral votes to Clinton's 232, but Clinton bested Trump with 1 1/2 million more popular votes out of 125,505,086 cast for the two. The divide is a little over one percent. Imagine the endless recounts, accusations of voter fraud that would have to be investigated, and the time to determine

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Plymouth and Jamestown Rejected Socialism as Did We

Socialism was one of the casualties of this presidential election. No two presidential candidates have been more socialistic than Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and half of America voted for it. Keeping Obamacare and instituting “free college” would have made it very difficult to argue that we had not become a socialist country. This is despite the harsh lessons of

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Trump Gives Attention to America’s Darkest Secret

In the third of three presidential debates Chris Wallace asked Hillary Clinton if there were any limits on abortion for her. “You have been quoted as saying that the fetus has no constitutional rights. You also voted against a ban on late-term, partial-birth abortions.” In response to the same question Donald Trump responded. “Well, I think it’s terrible. If you

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Is the 2016 Presidential Election Rigged? They all are!

For some time Donald Trump has said that this election is “rigged” in favor of Hillary Clinton. He talks about the “pile on” against him by the establishment media, establishment Democrats, establishment Republicans, establishment bankers and corporations. He could have added the globalist establishment special interest groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers. There has been

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The Lesser of Two Evils

I have not endorsed a presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan because in every election in my lifetime, the prevailing argument has always been the lesser of two evils. But if you are voting for the lesser of two evils aren’t you still voting for evil? As a devout Christian I do not wish to vote for any evil. Outside basic

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Trump Accuser Debunked by Airline Employee

I recently received a phone call from my brother Rex, a lifetime airline employee, about allegations of sexual impropriety by Donald Trump 35 years ago by Jessica Leeds, a passenger in first class. He feels the need to add his expertise to the Trump defense. In the early years, beginning in 1979, he loaded, fueled and cleaned aircraft in preparation

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The Real Issue, Trump Threatens The Globalist

Not since Barry Goldwater in 1964 have I seen the establishment turn on one man with a unity and vehemence, as though from the very bowels of Hell, as it has Donald Trump. It’s a full court press consisting of big governments types from both political parties, the establishment press (all networks except Fox), Hollywood moguls such as Steven Spielberg,

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What I See Happening In a Trump Presidency

WHAT FOLLOWS IS A MUST READ FOR ALL AMERICANS!!!!! I concur with everything that is said in the Bennett article below. Knowing how much the establishment hates Donald Trump, it is likely that they will attempt to take him out any way they can. I have said this for months and strongly advise him to hire his own bodyguards at

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“Please Protect Us God”

Synopsis of “Please Protect Us God” A new video, certainly the most compelling on the subject of LaVoy Finicum’s death, has surfaced. A must see for every adult American. Forensics have conclusively documented and brought to question the corrupt practices of the FBI in the possible murder of Finicum and attempted murder of those in his truck. The 50-minute tape

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Ryan Bundy Beat by Prison Guards

Reports have been surfacing in the non-establishment press of a prison beating of Ryan Bundy by three guards charged with his care. His wife Angie had to take to the radio to get attention to the beating. Apparently Ryan still had a bullet in his arm placed there on January 26, eight months prior, by FBI agents presumably while he

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Constitution Day: What Shall We Celebrate

I did not celebrate Constitution Day, September 17, primarily because I did not know how to do so. The Federal Government requires colleges to do something on that day to qualify for Title IV grant monies, which, if people really read the Constitution, they would find no authority for the grant. Should I talk about the total disregard of the

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Assault on 2nd Amendment in California Could Spread

This is a must read for self-defense and constitutional advocates. California has just passed a litany of new laws on magazines, ammunition, gun registration, ownership and lending firearms. In essence they have shot (excuse the metaphor) so many bullets into the 2nd Amendment as to render it impotent. Little of any of this has been covered by the establishment press

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“White Americans Need to do a Better Job of Listening”

“White Americans need to do a better job of listening,” said Hillary Clinton recently with respect to problems in our black communities. We agree. Progressive policies of the last fifty years, which she champions, notably welfare, have done much to return our black brother to a slavery of dependence and seemingly to set our black communities on fire driven mostly

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Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice

I offer the following article, "Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice" by Wayne Grudem, without comment other than it is a perspective that ought to be considered in the 2016 presidential election and has not been adequately treated in the establishment press. It is well worth the read and can be found at

Constitution not fully used in Blocking Transgender Bathrooms

Responding to a lawsuit filed by 13 states led by Texas, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor issued a preliminary injunction that the Obama transgender bathroom executive order of May 12, 2016, “violated federal notice and comment requirements and contradicted existing law and regulations.” These are the weakest arguments possible and most certainly not Constitutional arguments. Nothing in the document speaks

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