The CFR Loads the 2016 Presidential Election

By Harold Pease, Ph. D First Jeb Bush, then Mike Huckabee, and most recently Mitt Romney have each announced an interest in becoming the Republican Party nomination for president in 2016. The problem is, as is the problem with every election for ... Read more

2014: A Year of Constitutional Defiance

By Harold Pease, Ph. D In his State of the Union Address beginning the year 2014 President Barack Obama boldly threatened to “in effect” replace the legislative branch of government by doing it alone, through executive orders, if they did not ... Read more

A Fish Story for my Atheist Friends

By Harold Pease, Ph. D and Gary Pollock The following is a story, written several years ago by a high school student where I live. His “Fish Story” is perhaps the most profound piece on the subject of the existence of God. As we look for ... Read more

Merry CHRIST-mas

By Harold Pease, Ph. D Those wishing to destroy or remove Christ from Christmas prefer “Winter Break” or “Happy Holidays;” the same is true of “Easter Break” to “Spring Break.” This language reduces the connection to Christ, the ... Read more

President goes around Congress on Climate Change

Harold Pease, Ph. D A new Obama executive order effectively legislates climate change. Not content with Congress’s unwillingness to legislate on climate change to his expectations, the president issued a November 1, 2014, executive order that ... Read more

The biggest affront to the Constitution since FDR

By Harold Pease, Ph. D November 16, President Obama announced his executive amnesty in a live address to the nation. After the American people soundly rejected his policies on November 4th, he had the audacity to address us in prime time fashion ... Read more