Have we a Border if Foreign Children can Invade?

Harold Pease, Ph. D Clearly our borders are not protected when children can cross, reportedly unaided: if children, then anyone. If anyone then we cease to be a country. Historically borders define a country, when they cease to exist, or to ... Read more

The Constitution could still remove Obamacare

The Constitution could still remove Obamacare By Harold Pease, Ph. D By now there exist few defenders of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, nicknamed Obamacare, which has shown itself to be neither affordable or capable of ... Read more

Did Gitmo Prisoner Exchange Constitute Treason?

By Harold Pease PH. D Fury from both parties hit the fan when President Barack Obama released five Gitmo prisoners—three top intelligence officers and two top military commanders—the five most wanted by the Taliban; one a former Taliban ... Read more

Branch Davidian Sacred Soil, 21 Years Later

By Harold Pease, PH. D We drove down a quiet country road, trees and green meadows in every direction. Mount Carmel, the famous Branch Davidian Compound, was a sharp turn to the right. Gone was the mailbox at the entrance with Branch Davidian ... Read more