Rethinking the Kennedy Assassination

By Harold W. Pease Many of us think about the tragedy in Dallas 51 years ago this month. Last May I visited the Texas School Book Depository on the corner of Houston and Elm Streets in Dallas, Texas and read the government’s inscription on ... Read more

President Obama unilaterally grabs more land

Harold Pease, Ph. D Last month President Barack Obama designated 646,000 acres within the San Gabriel Mountains northeast of Los Angeles, a national monument despite the lack of support for the move in the House of Representatives. Nor were the ... Read more

President defies UN Charter in Syria

By Harold Pease, Ph. D Three weeks ago President Barack Obama made it clear to the United Nations General Assembly that he no longer intended to be guided, at least in foreign policy, by the U.S. Constitution, “We cannot rely on a rule-book ... Read more